The Next Time Promise

Call it an obsession. Seeing family and clients’ travel photos brings me great joy. There’s so much vicarious learning and happiness. As a travel consultant it’s imperative to learn about what went well, the “stand-out” experiences, and improvements for Next Time. My business benefits by constantly growing expertise.    Oh, the Next Time. What’s your … Read more

Slow Down and See The World: Is This Possible?

“Slow Down and See The World” has appeal as a tagline. Instead of driving from place to place, some touring companies suggest biking. Travel by bike is slower. Imagine cycling from town to town, enjoying the landscape, stopping in a quaint village for lunch, and moving at a relaxed yet active pace. This is a … Read more

May You Be Well: A Compassion Practice

May You Be Well: A Compassion Practice   May you be well without suffering which isn’t also possible in life. Compassion is a reliable companion. May you be well  and feel safe with yourself as an ally, wherever you are. May you be well  even when facing difficulties, finding solace from within, knowing that you … Read more

In The Midst Of

Even if it’s looking at the biggest most beautiful tree in the world that happens to be in your backyard or watching a stunning sunset from a rooftop deck of your apartment building, we often wish to be some place else, anywhere than where we are. We don’t notice the Delights!   Ross Gay, author … Read more

Majestic Mountain: Lessons From The Trail Mont Blanc

    Who wouldn’t miss every morning strapping on a pack, lacing up the boots and heading out the door into fresh mountain air? Our recent sojourn lasted nine days on the Trail Mont Blanc, TMB, with the daily pursuit of trekking from point A to Point B, Chamonix, to Italy, Switzerland and circling back … Read more

When You Love a Place So Much

When you love a place so much, stop and notice. Let the feelings fully penetrate your body and mind. Relish the ease of knowing that you’ve arrived. Recently as I exited the airplane into the fresh Jackson Hole air, my heart burst. Tears began to fall. Gratitude and sadness mixed intensely into an emotional concoction. … Read more

Welcoming the Essential

      The amount of stuff mattered. On this ten-day hiking adventure we’d carry a forty liter backpack with “needed” whatever. Not known for ever packing light, choosing what to bring would be arduous. Practicality over indulgence must “reign the day”: that special hair conditioner…forget about it; the cute evening dress…not necessary. Our things … Read more

Wanderlust: The Man on the Bicycle

A lone traveler on a bike, examining his wrinkled, printed maps, unsure about the route to Fort Collins, traveling with time on his hands. A German-speaking Italian from the Dolomites, Heinz started in Mexico City, met a companion then biked until reaching Colorado. Other than visiting a Hutterite community in North Dakota and Chicago, his … Read more

Anticipatory Stress: Managing Horrible Thoughts!

    You’ve already imagined the cancerous spot. The long-anticipated trip to France won’t happen and the money invested will be gone. Even with chemo on the horizon, will you live? Then, in contemplating these dire circumstances, you cognitively decide to create a super tough coping mechanism, fight until cured. You will “win” no matter … Read more

Feeling Groovy Where?

  Slow Down You Move Too Fast…You’ve Got to Make the Morning Last   Perhaps Simon and Garfinkel witnessed traffic on the NYC 59th Street Bridge and wished for the frenetic energy to wane just a bit: “Slow Down (people); You Move To Fast (up and down the streets, seeing no one, always in a … Read more