Location, Location, Location: Above or Below the Line

When purchasing our first house my mother-in-law advised prioritizing location over other considerations. Smart advice. Similarly, where we “land” emotionally is also about location. “Are we above or below the line?” asks Martin Seligman, author of Flourish (aka, father of Positivity). Understanding “mental location” translates to improved clarity for managing ourselves, especially in uncomfortable situations. … Read more

The Rabbit Hole: It Can Be Sweet!

When looking at our backyard you see lots of small holes passionately dug by two bored dogs. These holes were not made by sweet rabbits. The silver Standard poodle, Toulousse, and the chubby black Labradoodle, Louis, enthusiastically thought,  “There must be treasure underneath, worms, treats and even a buried steak.” Walking in the yard is … Read more

Imagine a Third Way: YOUR Transformation!

Let’s go back to our birth.  After months inside, suddenly we become a Being on the outside. A “New Normal” dichotomy begins. We live constantly with “who we are” on the Inside and “how we show up” on the Outside. Wouldn’t it be nice if the Inner aligned with the Outer?    Consider the joy … Read more

The Road Not Taken

As young children my brother and I worked with a speech therapist on articulation. These sessions with Mrs. Philips represent some of my earliest memories as a child. Walking to the front door of a small white Colonial house, holding Henry’s hand, and spending many hours exercising our lips, we learned to speak clearly.   Sometimes … Read more

Time for Conversation: Everyone has a Biography

My mom is…let’s just say on the older side. She wouldn’t want me to share the number and she defies her age anyway. Nevertheless my siblings and I check in often these days via the telephone and FaceTime, setting up a regular schedule to alleviate alone time.   Our conversations touch upon the coronavirus, family news and … Read more