Recognize The Seeds We Sow Now

“Recognize The Seeds We Sow” Now -(Fred Mandell, Becoming a Life Change Artist)   Do you know the phrase, “We’re right where we’re suppose to be”?  This truism is irritating especially as we’re confined to our homes. Home isn’t necessarily where we want to be!     Yet, here we are, faced with showing up … Read more

The Shift: Time At Home

Admittedly relocating work to a home office feels disorientating. No face-to-face meetings, few interactions and Social Distancing feels isolating more than we might have imagined. For some, the decimal level has drastically increased: Spring Break started early and kids are clamoring for attention. For others, time alone for two weeks or more in a studio … Read more

Three Ways to Crush Mind Wandering Demons

Recently a friend visited who had traveled on an airplane to Colorado. “It was alarming. Everyone on the plane wore a face mask.”* For the next two hours dinner conversation focused on the possible impact of the Coronavirus. You name it; we imagined it, every scary scenario. Our minds wandered the universe! Thoughts hijacked rational … Read more

Where Are You?

There was a book and in this book was a description of a room. And, in the description of this room was a gentle nudging to enjoy the space and the place. Yes, a whole beautiful flip book sharing everything about the sleeping quarters for the next few nights and the destination. No plastic portfolio … Read more

Bulging Bag Gymnastics: Got Meaning?

Especially since my work is in Wellness Travel, it’s embarrassing…why must so much stuff come with me on almost every trip? Is there a broader implication around this material attachment?  Husband Jay can attest: my packing skills need improvement. Suitcases bulge!    Big bags partly reflect the last minute nature of organizing myself. A little … Read more