What Are You Celebrating?

What are you celebrating? Unable to gather in large groups, perhaps, like me, you’ve lost track of celebration. Yet even when we don’t feel like raising a glass there are multiple reasons to do so. Completing a work day, connecting with a friend on a phone call and sitting down to dinner represent good fortune worthy … Read more

The Welcome Protocols: FaceMask Hospitality

How do you resolve the idea of little human contact when providing hospitality? Hotels, cruise lines and tour operators are searching for answers to this question. The question is analogous to the yearning  of wanting to hug a friend but having to hold back…so NOT natural!    To distance ourselves we’ve relied on technology. Just … Read more

Three Manners To Mind

Take your elbows off the table. When chewing keep your mouth closed. Pull yourself together out of respect for yourself and for others (they have to look at you!). My parents extolled these manners growing up and, similarly, my kids have heard the same reminders for years. Manners represent “ways of behaving with reference to … Read more

“Small Things” Adventures In The Backyard

Just recently multiple friends (re-)discovered their backyards. According to a July 14th Wall Street Journal article, forty-six percent of consumers “said they did a landscaping, gardening or outdoor-living update in the last three months.”* Yes, we can connect and feel enthusiastic Close To Home! We can cultivate trust with our neighbors! Who said we have … Read more

The Strange Wonderful (Re) Connecting

No hugging, cheek kissing or hand shaking allowed. Yes, our social skills are a little rusty. Yes, there’s an underlying feeling of uncertainty (less when people wear face masks). Yet even in a socially- distanced way, physically being in the same space with another offers relief. Nothing can replace physical presence.     Now we … Read more

Time for Conversation: Everyone has a Biography

My mom is…let’s just say on the older side. She wouldn’t want me to share the number and she defies her age anyway. Nevertheless my siblings and I check in often these days via the telephone and FaceTime, setting up a regular schedule to alleviate alone time.   Our conversations touch upon the coronavirus, family news and … Read more

Recognize The Seeds We Sow Now

“Recognize The Seeds We Sow” Now -(Fred Mandell, Becoming a Life Change Artist)   Do you know the phrase, “We’re right where we’re suppose to be”?  This truism is irritating especially as we’re confined to our homes. Home isn’t necessarily where we want to be!     Yet, here we are, faced with showing up … Read more

The Shift: Time At Home

Admittedly relocating work to a home office feels disorientating. No face-to-face meetings, few interactions and Social Distancing feels isolating more than we might have imagined. For some, the decimal level has drastically increased: Spring Break started early and kids are clamoring for attention. For others, time alone for two weeks or more in a studio … Read more

Majestic Mountain: Lessons From The Trail Mont Blanc

    Who wouldn’t miss every morning strapping on a pack, lacing up the boots and heading out the door into fresh mountain air? Our recent sojourn lasted nine days on the Trail Mont Blanc, TMB, with the daily pursuit of trekking from point A to Point B, Chamonix, to Italy, Switzerland and circling back … Read more

Welcoming the Essential

      The amount of stuff mattered. On this ten-day hiking adventure we’d carry a forty liter backpack with “needed” whatever. Not known for ever packing light, choosing what to bring would be arduous. Practicality over indulgence must “reign the day”: that special hair conditioner…forget about it; the cute evening dress…not necessary. Our things … Read more