The (Forced) Road Trip Pause

Beneath a huge sky in the backseat of “Cream Puff”, our silver sedan, and sitting with no where to go, my body slowly began to relax. The only available movement was exercising my eyesight to look out the window. With each breath every muscle in my body seemed to slacken. My lungs repeatedly exhaled involuntarily, expunging stress from … Read more

Imagine a Third Way: YOUR Transformation!

Let’s go back to our birth.  After months inside, suddenly we become a Being on the outside. A “New Normal” dichotomy begins. We live constantly with “who we are” on the Inside and “how we show up” on the Outside. Wouldn’t it be nice if the Inner aligned with the Outer?    Consider the joy … Read more

The Road Not Taken

As young children my brother and I worked with a speech therapist on articulation. These sessions with Mrs. Philips represent some of my earliest memories as a child. Walking to the front door of a small white Colonial house, holding Henry’s hand, and spending many hours exercising our lips, we learned to speak clearly.   Sometimes … Read more

Time for Conversation: Everyone has a Biography

My mom is…let’s just say on the older side. She wouldn’t want me to share the number and she defies her age anyway. Nevertheless my siblings and I check in often these days via the telephone and FaceTime, setting up a regular schedule to alleviate alone time.   Our conversations touch upon the coronavirus, family news and … Read more

Recognize The Seeds We Sow Now

“Recognize The Seeds We Sow” Now -(Fred Mandell, Becoming a Life Change Artist)   Do you know the phrase, “We’re right where we’re suppose to be”?  This truism is irritating especially as we’re confined to our homes. Home isn’t necessarily where we want to be!     Yet, here we are, faced with showing up … Read more

The Shift: Time At Home

Admittedly relocating work to a home office feels disorientating. No face-to-face meetings, few interactions and Social Distancing feels isolating more than we might have imagined. For some, the decimal level has drastically increased: Spring Break started early and kids are clamoring for attention. For others, time alone for two weeks or more in a studio … Read more

Three Ways to Crush Mind Wandering Demons

Recently a friend visited who had traveled on an airplane to Colorado. “It was alarming. Everyone on the plane wore a face mask.”* For the next two hours dinner conversation focused on the possible impact of the Coronavirus. You name it; we imagined it, every scary scenario. Our minds wandered the universe! Thoughts hijacked rational … Read more

Find Newer Richer Experiences in 2020

Sometimes, if we’re lucky we travel to a destination that is so beautiful we retain a picture in our minds forever. Being in a gorgeous place creates Well Being. Consider  French Polynesia as an example, five archipelagoes in the south-central Pacific Ocean. Traveling to this part of the world is about shimmering blue water, verdant … Read more

And We’re Off! Tools for Trusting 2020 Intentions!

As much as the holidays can be stressful, pressure to meet expectations and attain our 2020 goals create anxiety too. At least that’s my recent experience. There’s some freneticism in the air, reflecting perhaps fear about not accomplishing what we’ve set out to do. As we Live As Travelers, the inner journey is as important … Read more

2019 is Almost Finito: My Gifts to You

You’ve realized suddenly that the Year End is approaching. Yes, 2019 is almost “finito”! Thanksgiving is next week and then we’re into December.  Egads!   Ok… let’s hit the pause button and allow our initial panic to dissipate. Now take a few breaths, grab a pen and and let your heart and mind consider the … Read more