The Shift: Time At Home

Admittedly relocating work to a home office feels disorientating. No face-to-face meetings, few interactions and Social Distancing feels isolating more than we might have imagined. For some, the decimal level has drastically increased: Spring Break started early and kids are clamoring for attention. For others, time alone for two weeks or more in a studio … Read more

Three Ways to Crush Mind Wandering Demons

Recently a friend visited who had traveled on an airplane to Colorado. “It was alarming. Everyone on the plane wore a face mask.”* For the next two hours dinner conversation focused on the possible impact of the Coronavirus. You name it; we imagined it, every scary scenario. Our minds wandered the universe! Thoughts hijacked rational … Read more

Stop The Road Runner

It’s shocking how early in the morning our minds start racing down the day’s track and yet the sun is barely in the sky. Frenetic energy also affects family members, those who move a little “slower”. Which are you, the snail or the Road Runner? Beep Beep. Running around like a crazy person at any … Read more