2019 is Almost Finito: My Gifts to You

You’ve realized suddenly that the Year End is approaching. Yes, 2019 is almost “finito”! Thanksgiving is next week and then we’re into December.  Egads!
Ok… let’s hit the pause button and allow our initial panic to dissipate. Now take a few breaths, grab a pen and and let your heart and mind consider the following questions:
  • How was your health this past year? Your spirit? Your acuity? 
  • What experiences made you feel enlivened? What didn’t?
  • What do you want more of in 2020 and how do you want to show up every day?
Taking a look back informs our intention for the following year and creates a semblance of control in a highly-connected and always spinning universe. 
At A Traveling Time we want you to live well. We create Well Being through intentional and inspired travel  and mindfulness training here and now, cultivating emotional intelligence. We endeavor to increase peace, understanding and happiness for all individuals on this beautiful earth, and this includes you, my wonderful readers! 
My Gifts to You
Instead of letting mean thoughts run rampant and negatively affect end-of-year emotions, incorporating mindfulness practices in 2020 will dramatically alter the experience of your everyday. 
(1) Here is a short Grounding Meditation practice to cultivate well being right now:
  • Find a comfortable seat, alert, upright and relaxed. With your eyes closed or open and looking downward, gently bring attention to your breath, noticing the in and out breath at a comfortable pace.  
  • Let your breath settle your mind. Notice thoughts coming and going without attaching yourself to them. Breathe for a few minutes. Ground yourself. Then imagine planting roots into the earth, like a beautiful sage tree, firmly connected to the ground. See yourself grounding to the earth.
  • Overhead, imagine a blue expansive sky. Instead of thoughts cluttering your mind, like incessant storm clouds, watch feelings and ideas float in and out of the beautiful blue sky. The sky is clear.
  • Wish yourself well: May I be well. Wish your family, friends, co-workers, communities, our country and the world well.  
  • Create a half-smile and breathe for a few more breaths or more.
  • When ready, open your eyes and return to the world, well, grounded in your best self.
Listen HERE.
Travel is another way to feel well.  Again reflect on a few questions:
  • What trips went well this year or in the past? 
  • What experiences made you feel enlivened?  
  • What has prevented you from actualizing your travel dreams? 
  • What kind of travel do you enjoy most (Active; with an Affinity Group; Cultural Immersion; Wellness; Adventure; Mission-oriented, etc…)?  

(2) Next dream and bring intention to 2020 travel.  Fill in The World Within Reach Matrix. Have some fun. Even if your slate feels full, it’s never too late to identify the “where” and “how” of your travel. Download The World Within Reach Matrix HERE.  This matrix is a gift for you! 

Begin to fill in the boxes. Take your time. Post the sheet nearby so you can add destinations and experiences as ideas come to mind. Writing down your travel dreams is a necessary first step towards acting on your 2020 intentions.  
I’m very grateful for you. Thank you for supporting my “Living As a Traveler” blog and my business, A Traveling Time: A Well Being Consultancy.
Wishing you Well always,
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