Well on the Road

Similar to a beagle running on the chase, during my recent New York City trip, there was little pacing. Each day was packed with activities, followed by late nights enjoying the aliveness of the city at midnight! By Monday my head ached. A Flu was approaching. Happy visions of exploring the The Big Apple blurred. Isolated in a hotel room, my mind wandered at times to a fearful place: What will happen if symptoms become worse?  Will anyone find me? 
Have you ever experienced illness on the road?  
Sick on the road is scary and our lack of awareness can make things worse. A late dinner with my cousins, for example, was a “Must Do”.  Yes, ignore the illness because Now is Now. It’s almost as if when finally finding a moment to relax and have some fun our body says, “OK. Now I can be sick”! Of course we will deny our bodies.
Other causes of illness include: germ infected airplanes (are they really as “germy” as we think? Please see footnote below); lots and lots of people interactions; interrupted sleep; different eating patterns; pushing ourselves to the limit. Many of us need a vacation from the vacation! 
We can avoid become ill.  Here are some off-road suggestions for staying healthy
  1. Prepare ahead! Boost immunities! Take preventives,  comfort homeopathic medicines and even prescriptions, if your doctor agrees. In my “Health Kit” is: Theraflu, Cold Snap, Umcka, Throat Coat and Sleepy Time tea, Stomach Chi and Chenzyme. You might also add essential oils and elderberry syrup to your provisions and taking a probiotic every day.
  2. Yum, up to a certain point… You don’t have to conquer Rome through your stomach. Pay attention to what you ingest. Eat slower and enjoy every bite.  You’re on vacation. Slow it down over mealtime.
  3. Stay active and try to stick to some sort of a sleep routine.  Sleep! If you normally do yoga or exercise in the morning keep in your schedule.
  4. Pack Kleenex and hand sanitizer (and use the sanitizer regularly).
  5. Hate to write it…Cancel Plans if you’re feeling unwell. Try to catch the sickness before it catches you. 
  6. Do everything possible to mend. Stay in bed, rest and wait it out. If needed contact the hotel Concierge or the AirBnb owner and ask about emergency clinics or doctors that might be able to help you. In some countries local pharmacies can also be a source for cures.
  7. Look for Silver Lining.  It’s there.  In other words, rest your mind and let negative emotions go. Your mindset affects resilience.  
This article is not an all-encompassing study on health habits. Rather, illness is a temporary setback, a small event in the bigger life picture. We’re lucky when we have a chance to travel.  We’re lucky when we have full, productive, happy days at home. Every day, Living As A Traveler, provides us with the opportunities for self-awareness, self-management and compassion.  Be Well on the Road with gratitude wherever you are!
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