And We’re Off! Tools for Trusting 2020 Intentions!

As much as the holidays can be stressful, pressure to meet expectations and attain our 2020 goals create anxiety too. At least that’s my recent experience. There’s some freneticism in the air, reflecting perhaps fear about not accomplishing what we’ve set out to do. As we Live As Travelers, the inner journey is as important as the outer. How we mange thoughts, emotions and well being will make the difference for reaching those new dreams.
From the advice of a recent Search Inside Yourself holiday blog as well as my own observations, here are some Tools for Trusting Your 2020 Intentions: 
A 2020 Vision like it’s already happened
If you’re experiencing anxiety, most likely our Predictive Brain is at work, the subconscious sabotaging dreams based on past history. A solid envisioning process will bolster the odds for success instead.  
My friend, Maureen McDonald, recently posted about her successful envisioning process: “My friend Amy Quinn encouraged me to try writing about the next five years as though they have already happened. I just spent a couple of hours composing a piece I called “Looking back on my Future.” It was very different from making a list of goals and/or identifying top priorities for the year ahead. I looked at my life from a few different perspectives, tilting the lens toward the future. I considered family, work, and community. I thought about achieving, and also receiving. I thought about doing, and also being. I dreamed of the new landscapes I would experience in travel and through my work. I dared to imagine the futures of my children and those closest to me and the delights their choices might bring. I think anyone who puts the time into doing this will really enjoy it”.
It’s not too late to see your future! Use the following prompt from the Search Inside Yourself program and write freely. Keep in mind that whatever you write is for you only. A thesis is not required nor an all-day writing session. Just set some time aside, whatever you have, and write what comes up for the prompt:
Envisioning Prompt for 2020
“If everything in my life, starting from today, meets or exceeds my most optimistic expectations, what will my life be in 5 years?”
Questions to consider before writing: In this future: *Who are you? *How do you feel? *What do people say about you?
Daily Intention
How we approach the day makes all the difference. Each morning set a timer for five minutes and consider what you hope to bring to your day. Or sit in silence for a minute or so wherever you are and on a breath ask: ”What’s most important about today” or “What’s my intention today”. Or, for Late Owls, in the evening reflect on what went well, what didn’t go well and what you want more of the next day. When reflecting on how to show up each day, we’re better able to manage distractions, maintain focus and cultivate an inner-assuredness.  
Re-read (and trust) your vision
At least once a week if not every day re-read your vision statement. It’s critical for your well being and success. With such a demanding world on the job and in our communities, we can easily lose track of what we’re hoping for in 2020. It’s also good to stay open to outcomes not yet imagined. After putting in time and effort perhaps results will manifest differently. That’s ok. Stay open to what’s possible.
Self Care Self-Compassion
Undoubtedly many of us have set goals to reach some type of body nirvana or unprecedented emotional calm. Right? Why else are health clubs packed in January? Taking care of ourselves is huge and makes a big impact on fully experiencing daily life. Still.  Please remember to be kind to yourself. 
Here are a few easy ideas that make a big difference: (1) A Mindful Walk of whatever length with senses engaged (in nature if possible); (2) A Body Scan meditation to decompress and check-in with emotions; (3) Finding Mindful Moments throughout the day with the breath as an anchor.  
Grab Mindful Moments
There are surprisingly lots more moments for settling busy minds that you might think.  In the Harvard Business Review article, “How Busy Working Parents Can Make Time for Mindfulness”, author, Michelle Gale provides the following tips: 
Coffee: Make sure to pause before the first sip….Train Ride: Once you’re settled into your seat, set a timer for five or ten minutes and practice meditation… Work: Each time you sit down to your computer, take a pause…Dinner: As you prepare the meal, spend a moment reflecting on where the food came from…Bedtime: Decide on a ritual that cultivates mindful awareness (for everyone in your family.)
Throughout all of your striving and yearning and work, know that no matter what happens, there’s no one like you on this earth.  Your journey is unique and the universe thanks you.
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