Imagine a Third Way: YOUR Transformation!

Let’s go back to our birth.  After months inside, suddenly we become a Being on the outside. A “New Normal” dichotomy begins. We live constantly with “who we are” on the Inside and “how we show up” on the Outside. Wouldn’t it be nice if the Inner aligned with the Outer? 
Consider the joy of Three and Four year olds.Through play, art, singing, dancing, eating, and “full out” sleeping, toddlers shine with a sweetness alive in both places.  So what happens when we mature? As adults in a disparate VUCA world we lose track of our sweetness caught up in societal demands, responsibilities, distractions, reaching for the “it” of success. Living on autopilot is just fine, thank you.  
Now in our Covid world at home and online, we’ve been forced to go Inside and pay attention to how we’re showing up Outside. Darn, the dichotomy is more pronounced than ever! Let’s admit it: there’s a tension between the two existences. Author, Jon Kabat-Zinn describes the two sides on a “Full-Catastrophe Living” spectrum, the wide expanse between joy and grief, happy and sad, suffering and peace, good and evil. 
The Shelter at Home experience presents us with these opposites: health and illness, life and death, alone yet globally connected, all traits on the same spectrum. So how can we effectively live and work in the wide-expanse now and as society opens?
We imagine, discern and trust a Third Way, a center where we show up knowing ourselves and others with loving-kindness, acceptance and authenticity. The wisdom of many perspectives, many opposites, creates solutions and answers to our many questions about how to forge ahead.
Yes, living feels a little bit like a seesaw right now. If we aim for the middle, the place where we’re balanced versus hanging on one side or the other, we’ll uncover the smartest truest strategies for life and work.
Now is the time to Imagine a Third Way. Let’s Leverage the Lockdown for Transformation, for YOUR Transformation!  
Here’s an Itinerary to begin this transformational journey: 

Ask Yourself: 

1. What actually worked WELL for you during this At Home time? Make a list. Let yourself listen quietly. You’ll find a wealth of ideas on what to bring with you.
Then ask yourself, how might these ideas support innovation in the months ahead? Listen again. Share with your peers.
For additional inspiration check out the recent Forbes article on emerging business trends from Covid-19.
2. Trust your NEW efforts will yield results. While outcomes might look different from what you expect, stay open to NEW results to match NEW efforts. As Seth Godin quipped in a recent blog:
“…if new effort is required, we have the chance to do what we’ve always done, which is figure outwhat works and to commit to it.”
3. Cultivate an “in the moment” practice to slow down. With mindfulness we can experience:
“a birthing of something new in ourselves” by “holding the inner and outer conflict quietly instead of attempting to resolve it quickly”
(Stephen Cope quoting Marion Woodman in The Great Work of Your Life). 
Check out these easy Search Inside Yourself  Practices for Difficult Times
Let actions arise from the quiet center, where the universe resides.  Although the path forward is not clear, it suffices to have one next step and then another.  Leverage the Lockdown and Imagine a Third Way, YOUR Transformation.