Recognize The Seeds We Sow Now

“Recognize The Seeds We Sow” Now
-(Fred Mandell, Becoming a Life Change Artist)
Do you know the phrase, “We’re right where we’re suppose to be”?  This truism is irritating especially as we’re confined to our homes. Home isn’t necessarily where we want to be!  
Yet, here we are, faced with showing up well in new circumstances. Can we imagine a way to actually accept the idea that “We’re right where we’re suppose to be?” Yes! How?…By taking stock in our own abilities and gifts while recognizing the goodness of community, American society and the world around us!
Despite our current isolation, we’re connected. On a Zoom call yesterday, Rich Fernandez, CEO of the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute commented that we’re at a “profound moment of interdependence on a global scale”.
Further Dr. Kristin Neff, one of the leading researchers on self-compassion, reminds us that suffering and or personal struggles are part of the shared human experience, not just a “there’s something wrong with me” experience. As a world we’re witnessing human suffering together, now more than ever before. We are deeply connected. When we cultivate mindfulness (being aware of but not “over-identifying” with emotions), practice self-kindness versus judgment and remember our shared humanity, we can better accept difficult situations. *  Why the confidence?
We have the ability to plant creative seeds. And what we plant now will grow. Yes, even if you consider yourself the least “creative” person in the universe it’s possible to embrace our difficulties and cultivate the following traits:
Breath and allow in something new. Moving every two or three years over a thirteen year period taught my husband and me how to enter a room knowing no one. There wasn’t much choice: we could either enter a deep hole or stay open to meeting new people! Although feeling isolated is a different challenge, we can adapt.  Keep asking “What’s possible?” Pause often and you’ll find alternatives to normal routines.
Insight: There’ s not one path.
Space for Artistic Pursuits
Live as an artist for a little while during the day. Dig out the crayons.  Make Playdough. Cook something new. Paint! Write! Bead! Review photos and make an album. Let your mind rest in a creative activity. Resting in peace allows us to know our truths.
Insight: Interact with art!
Start a new book; Sign-up for an online class; Listen to a podcast. Stream a workout. Watch “Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth” or check out Ken Burns, Civil War series. Learn to meditate (Insight Timer provides lots of Know How.)
Insight: Challenge your intellect.
It’s scary right now and no matter how much positivity we might engender, it’s ok not to feel particularly Zen. Even if you’re an introvert, reach out to friends, neighbors, family, acquaintances, co-workers, on the phone, via text, email or in chat rooms or Zoom platforms. Schedule time everyday to check in with someone.  Prioritize those who are alone, with little contact, especially the older generation. Give the gift of you.
Insight:.Share yourself with others.
Consider this time period as A Beginning. Keep sowing inner strength, self-care and compassion for our fellow human and the seeds will grow towards the sun, the dreams held dear about our lives will come to fruition. Before long this nasty virus will hold little sway. There’s no stopping you.  Plant the seeds now.
*This section is from the Search Inside Yourself curriculum on Acceptance and Self-Compassion