Where Are You?

There was a book and in this book was a description of a room. And, in the description of this room was a gentle nudging to enjoy the space and the place. Yes, a whole beautiful flip book sharing everything about the sleeping quarters for the next few nights and the destination. No plastic portfolio with sticky pages! 
How often do we pause upon arrival, sit in our room and appreciate where we are? Not often enough. During my recent stay at Miraval Austin much of my time was in the thoughtfully appointed room. The time away was a retreat of sorts, traveling after a two-day stay at a packed conference center event. In contrast, the room at Miraval Austin was calm and warm with a beautiful view. The delicious bed spun a cocoon for reading, relaxing, meditating and just “chilling”.
Pausing on arrival created an intention, one not so planned, organically aligned with the cravings of my mind, body and spirit.  The place, Miraval Austin, became an anchor with multiple opportunities for retreat. My stay included inspirational and educational “classes” such as an overview about the Chakras, “The Zen of Enough”, focused on Spark Joy by Marie Kondo;  “A Cleansing Ceremony; “The Healing Splendor of Sound”; yoga with Reiki; a Barre class; visit to their sustainable farm. With my friend, we participated in a gentle nature hike on property enjoying the scents of Ash Juniper and gurgles from the fresh natural springs. The Infinity Pool overlooked Lake Travis and was warm and cozy in during the sometimes rainy mornings.
Nothing had been planned exactly. In arriving fully I was able to trust my choices and relax into enjoying the many experiences. Often after an activity, I’d retreat back to my room to read and rest. 
When was the last time you truly noticed Where You Are? Ahead of the go, go, go daily demands, the full meeting agenda, the evening networking event, before opening the door consider how to appreciate your circumstances, the place, the details, the people and relationships, yourself, the gifted sentient being.

It was not so much the room that set the stage but the pausing to notice. 

Here are A Few Tips for Arriving Where You Are:
At home it’s helpful to arrive a few minutes early and take a few breaths or pause before walking in the door.  Appreciate the transition from the external world to home. Set an intention for the remaining time of the day or each activity. This is especially helpful as you go from place to place throughout your day and then transition home again and or as you begin a new activity or engage in a different social activity.
If you’re conducting a meeting, ask the group for A Minute to Arrive inviting attendees to join you. Although bodies might be in the room, often our minds are not. It’s so helpful to let everyone catch their breath.
When you travel and notice your circumstances a full arrival directly impacts the experience in the destination. Again take a few breaths. Allow the mind, body and spirit to synchcronize. Become present. Dump ancillary thoughts.  Then even if you have a list of tourist attractions to visit (and most likely it’s not possible to do everything), you’ll better sense how to prioritize. Honestly pausing in the lobby, your room, over a cup of tea should be a first step. Looking around at your surroundings. Sitting for a few minutes. Drinking a glass of water. Breathing.
Less than three days, my recent Miraval trip was impactful. Everything I did was exactly what was needed. Taking time to arrive created clarity and grace.
Where Are You?  Arriving fully anywhere, even when we’re not traveling, creates focus and well being. Slow down and notice and all else in your day will fall into place. You can trust your energy guiding you towards what’s next- because your paying attention.